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For the past 25 years, AirTech Spray Systems has served as a spray equipment rental company that pioneers in the finishing industry by designing groundbreaking spray systems such as powder coating and paint sprayers. Often copied by others in the international marketplace, our quality and craftsmanship makes our product stand out from the rest. 

We are proud members of N.A.C.E., N.A.P.C.A. and S.S.P.C.

AirTech's industrial spray systems serve a variety of industries, including manufacturing, mechanical, transportation and the industrial sectors. Because of our longevity, reputation for unprecedented quality and integrity, AirTech has been able to expand its growth internationally.

AirTech offers single and plural component spray systems, as well as a full line of additional finishing products, which are high in quality, durable, reliable and long-lasting. We can also design and install a complete spray system to automate and accelerate your production lines.    

AirTech’s Highlight Reel

  • In 1987, AirTech developed the first airless fireproofing spray machine, which was used on the North Sea platform by the Dutch, French, Spanish and British. The cutting edge spray machine was then used as a model by industry competitors.
  • AirTech broke into a new market when it introduced the plural component spray system to the railcar industry; even more noteworthy, we were the first in the finishing industry to work with railcar clients. We custom designed the BlueCat, a plural component spray system that can handle up to four guns, specifically for the railcar industry, in order to meet the industry’s high volume spray application needs. 
  • With equipment all over the United States, Canada and Mexico, AirTech has become a leader in the finishing equipment industry and continues to develop customized solutions for a growing client base. 

Our mission is to improve our systems and develop new products that continually pushes the limits of industrial spray equipment. Let us know how we can be of service for your industrial spray equipment needs.   

Awards and Recognition

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