Fireproofing Equipment &
Flame Retardant Spray Machines

AirTech customizes OEM fireproofing spray equipment for rent or sale to be used in the fireproofing industry. Airtech can customize your fireproofing equipment to quickly and easily apply fireproofing and flame retardant spray coatings such as intumescent epoxies like:

  • PittChar®
  • ThermoLag
  • CharTek®

Our flame retardant spray machines are used directly on structural columns, beams, under decks, and to vessel skirts. Off shore platforms, oil and gas refining, and chemical processing industries use fireproofing spray machines as well to reduce the risk of structural collapse under extreme high temperatures of hydrocarbon fires.

Fire protection and prevention code standards have become more stringent. All building codes and fire insurance regulations require compartmentalization fireproofing in order to prevent a fire from spreading to other building sections. The most effective way of achieving this safety standard is to use AirTech's fireproofing spray equipment for applying fireproofing coatings.

Our experience in the fireproofing industry dates back to 1986. AirTech was the first company to develop the airless fireproofing machinery which was applied on the North Sea platforms used by much of Europe.

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