Pipe Coating Equipment

The pipeline industry utilizes AirTech Spray Systems’ expertise for pipe coating equipment and pipeline coatings systems. AirTech’s plural component systems allow for customization to a client’s set specifications. Starting with a base piece of equipment, our engineers work directly with pipeline companies to ensure modifications achieve the specified goals.

AirTech is the preferred pipe coating equipment and pipeline coatings system provider for oil industry clients because our engineers understand that spray and powder coatings must be long lasting, durable and easy to maintain, given the harsh environments where much pipeline is laid. 

Offshore oil platforms use AirTech spray systems to apply fireproofing products directly onto structural columns, beams, under decks, and to vessel skirts. These materials reduce the risk of structural collapse under the extremely high temperatures of hydrocarbon fires.

Powder coating applications also provide many benefits:  Powder coating is less messy than traditional “wet” painting, and it’s easy to maintain by washing powder coated parts with a standard detergent and rinsing with water every six months. 

In business for 25 years, AirTech’s patented designs have served as a model for nearly all of our industry competitors. We often adapt our systems and develop new products geared toward meeting the evolving needs of our industrial and manufacturing clients.

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