Plural Component Spray Equipment & Rentals

AirTech Spray Systems has the expertise to customize OEM plural component sprayers to accommodate the most demanding needs. We are capable of designing and installing complete plural component spray equipment for sale or rent, including:

  • automatic spray guns systems
  • conveyor belts
  • ovens
  • tubing

Our rental plural component coatings sprayer equipment can accommodate up to 100% solid epoxies and urethane coatings.  Some types of epoxies are used for sealing cracks in cement, re-covering manholes and repairing pipelines.

Thanks to heavy industry regulations, we know that new chemical formulations come on the market daily. These product fluctuations can be hard on your industrial spray equipment. AirTech stays ahead of these adjustments by ensuring all plural component spray equipment is capable of handling a variety of formulations. Years of research and development have given our experts the experience to customize spray systems. View some of the brands we offer and can customize.

AirTech introduced the plural component spray system to the rail car industry more than 25 years ago. Now, plural component spray equipment can be found at rail plants throughout North America, reaching from Mexico to Canada. We constantly strive to improve our spray systems and develop new products.

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