Railroad Car Sprayer Equipment

Railroad car sprayer equipment is often unique to the railroad industry, and AirTech Spray Systems can meet the demands.

Known for our groundbreaking solutions, we introduced the plural component spray system to the railcar industry more than 25 years ago. AirTech is the original designer of the high volume, plural component BlueCat railcar spray system, which can manage up to four spray guns at once. Today, plural component systems are found at rail plants throughout North America, from Mexico to Canada.

Every day, AirTech proudly works to improve our systems and develop new products geared specifically for the railcar industry, which must be able to adapt quickly when changes are mandated. AirTech’s railroad car spray equipment can be customized to meet specific needs, as well as all safety, government, and industry regulations.

AirTech’s railcar industry services include:

  • Offering customized plural component and spray booth solutions, as well as single component spray systems. We design and build custom spray systems for clients around the world, factoring into each design such variables as the distance of the equipment to the worksite, material viscosity, degree of mixing and the portability required.

  • Modifying existing equipment to meet changing needs and regulations.

  • Designing automated solutions to minimize workforce hours.

  • Offering complete solution packages, including fans, lighting, electrical power and wiring.

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