Sealant Sprayers & Caulking Guns

Air Tech Spray Systems is a distributor for sealant sprayers, caulking guns and industrial sealant equipment used for the application of single component, moisture reactive sealants and caulks. The aluminum window manufacturing industry frequently uses these materials to create an energy efficient seal.

Some of the materials are chemical reactive with two components; AirTech meets this need with plural component caulking guns and sealant sprayers.

AirTech also provides a pump system with a manual gun application that can be packaged on a cart with a follower plate and lift assembly. This method enables a quick changeover, and can deliver a variety of high-viscosity products.

Other applications include the industrial package adhesive industry, which utilizes a wide range of viscosities.

AirTech services and repairs our industrial caulking guns and industrial sealant equipment, ensuring long-term usage of your equipment investment. Our reputation has been built as a distributor of high quality, top of the line spray systems.

AirTech also provides:

  • Manual, air, and cordless dispensing guns
  • Industrial-strength caulking guns
  • Syringe guns
  • Dispensing accessories

When contractors, distributors, and OEMs need a tool to dispense materials required to seal a joint, aluminum window, or packaging material, they contact AirTech for their sealant and caulking spray system needs.

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