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AirTech Spray Systems Addendum to

PSS Industrial Group General Terms and Conditions


This AirTech Spray Systems Addendum (this “Addendum”) is incorporated into and made a part of the Agreement (as defined in the PSS Industrial Group General Terms and Conditions (the “General Terms”) to which this Addendum is attached or in which this Addendum is referenced) between Pipeline Supply & Service, LLC, its affiliates, parents or subsidiary entities (collectively, “PSS”) and the party purchasing or renting Goods or Work from PSS under the Agreement (“Customer”).  The terms and conditions contained in this Addendum are in addition to, and not in lieu of, those contained in the General Terms.  In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions contained in this Addendum and the terms and conditions contained in the General Terms, terms and conditions contained in this Addendum will control. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Addendum have the meanings given thereto in the General Terms.


Unless otherwise agreed by PSS in writing, the following shall be the Customer’s responsibility:


  1. Assume all charges for any changes requested after signed approval drawings have been returned and accepted.


  1. Unload all equipment from the carrier, uncrate, inspect for damage and locate equipment to a safe indoor storage site or installation location. Notify PSS in case of damage to shipped goods.  Any outdoor storage of the equipment detailed in this proposal shall void any warranties extended.


  1. Site preparation, including all foundation work and leveling of any flooring where the equipment is to be installed.  Any existing structural modifications of any kind required to complete installation should be made prior to installation personnel arrival to eliminate unnecessary delays. 


  1. Removal of any existing equipment where proposed equipment is to be installed.  Provide an area clean and free from any obstacles that may hamper or delay installation personnel.


  1. Provide utilities as required to the location(s) detailed in the approval drawings.  It shall be the responsibility of the Customer to insure adequate utilities are available to allow proper operation of proposed equipment.  Customer is responsible for hooking main plant power and main plant gas to control panel and gas train.


  1. Provide all roof penetrations and curbing as required for proper equipment installation.


  1. Locate equipment at the equipment installation site.  Any equipment required to position, locate or elevate equipment or personnel shall be provided by the Customer unless otherwise requested.


  1. Any equipment transfer or unloading charges will be the responsibility of Customer.


  1. Any costs or charges related to shipment, crating or special packaging or handling of any equipment detailed in this proposal shall be the responsibility the Customer.


10.  Maximum inbound gas pressure shall be five (5) psi.


11.  Provide safety interlocks beyond standard safeties included in this proposal as required by local, state or national codes, including fire suppression system(s) either dry chemical / water sprinkler or other.


12.  Provide any ductwork or other equipment not detailed or included in this proposal necessary to complete installation.


13.  Any labor included in this proposal is based on installation occurring Monday through Friday during the hours of 7 AM to 5 PM.  Holidays, weekends and hours prior to or later than the hours detailed in the aforementioned statement will be billed separately on a detailed basis at a rate to be agreed upon in writing by PSS and Customer and shall become a permanent part of this proposal.  The installation figure(s) included in this document have been based upon PSS personnel having free and unencumbered access to the equipment and installation site addressed in this proposal.  Any delays in completion of installation due to no fault of PSS may be billed to cover lost time at the standard hourly rate.  If installation is occurring during non-standard hours (standard hours are considered to be 7 A.M. - 5 P.M. Monday through Friday) or holidays or weekends, an hourly premium will be substituted in lieu of the standard hourly rate provided for in this proposal.  All PSS personnel are non-union.


14.  Any permits required to transport, construct, install or operate any equipment provided for in this proposal, shall be the responsibility of the Customer.


15.  It shall be the responsibility of the Customer to ensure any national, state, county or local / municipal code requirements are met, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by an officer of PSS.


16.  Any requests for additions to or changes of any equipment, terms, conditions or services provided for in this proposal must be submitted to PSS in writing and must be agreed to in writing by an authorized PSS employee. No other person or company has the right to modify this proposal as it has been submitted.


17.  PSS is not performing as the architect on this project and should the Customer require those services, Customer must obtain them at the Customer’s expense.