Vehicle Spray Painting Equipment

AirTech Spray Systems custom modifies vehicle spray painting equipment such as auto paint sprayers the truck, bus, trailer and RV (Recreational Vehicle) painting. 

AirTech is internationally known and well respected for our ability to design and install complete, conventional and plural spray systems, including automatic spray guns systems, conveyor belts, ovens, tubing, rabbits, and more.  All vehicle spray paint systems installed by AirTech are built to code and comply with OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Because the trucking, bus, trailer and RV industries are so heavily regulated, it’s not uncommon for new chemical formulations to come to market daily. These frequent changes to materials can be hard on your equipment. In order to ensure its longevity, AirTech has invested in top of the line research and manufacturing so that all our plural component spray equipment and vehicle spray painting equipment can support any variety of chemical formulas. 

AirTech's vehicle spray painting equipment services include:

  • Offering customized plural component and spray booth solutions; we design and build custom spray systems for clients around the world, factoring into each design such variables as the distance of the equipment to the worksite, material viscosity, degree of mixing and the portability required.

  • Modifying existing equipment to meet changing needs and regulations.

  • Designing automated solutions that minimize work for the client.

  • Providing expert advice on obtaining permits and completing the appropriate compliance paperwork.

  • Offering complete solution packages, including fans, lighting, and electrical power and wiring.

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