Wind Tower Painting Equipment

Air Tech supplies spray painting equipment for the Wind Tower manufacturing industry in order to apply primers, paints, epoxies, urethanes, and anti-corrosive sealants to their surfaces. We offer single component and plural component spray equipment to efficiently finish any job. 

Due to the fact that pipes from which a wind tower are constructed usually range from 175 feet to 250 feet in length; wind tower painting equipment is frequently used in conjunction with either cranes or scaffolding, and rollers. Wind tower spray equipment must often be adapted to accommodate specific chemical reactive coatings that enable paints to dry without the use of an oven.

AirTech product and services include:

  • Customized spray systems for clients around the world, factoring into each design such variables as size of the equipment to be sprayed, material composition and changeovers.
  • Modifies existing equipment to meet adapting chemical needs and government regulations.
  • Designs automated solutions that minimize work for the client.
  • Offers complete solution spray booth packages, including fans, lighting, and electrical power and wiring; all built to code with local, industry, and government permits obtained.

When you’re looking for painting equipment for wind towers, AirTech is your comprehensive, singular resource.

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